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Easy Clips Single Kit

Easy Clips Single Kit

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Our in house designed and innovative idea makes Easy Clips easy to install and display your branded number plates in a stylish and professional manner.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you choose Easy Clips for your number plate holder needs:

-Easy installation:

Our number plate holders are designed with ease of installation in mind. No tolls required and you can have your branded number plates mounted in a matter of seconds. This is especially useful for car dealerships that need to quickly install and remove plates on a regular basis.

-Professional appearance:

Our Easy Clips are designed to give your vehicle on display a professional and polished look. They are perfect for car owners who take pride in their vehicle's appearance, or for dealerships that want to maintain a professional image while protecting the identity of the cars registration.

-Cost effective:

At Easy Clips, we understand the importance of affordability. Thats why we offer our number plate holders at a competitive price without sacrificing quality. Our product is built to last, so you can expect to get years of use out of your purchase.

-Team efficient:

Being a busy business... time efficient on having to take off customer number plates and risk damaging the original plates or attaching your current branded plates with sticky pads and then having to scrape the sticky pad of once you remove it after pictures.

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